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Whether you’re looking to gather sensitive and detailed information for your business or personal needs, Lehigh Law Enforcement offers trusted, professional private investigatory and surveillance services with local and national reach. We are fast, efficient, and discrete at providing cost-effective solutions for small or large scale investigations to suit your individual needs.

Our state-of-the-art equipment and our expertly trained private investigators make us the preeminent choice for surveillance in the Northeastern Pennsylvania market. Our investigation and surveillance capabilities will confidentially find the answers to all of your legal, financial, and personal questions accurately and at an affordable cost.

Lehigh Law Enforcement Officers Association specializes in the following private investigatory services:

  • Private Investigative and Surveillance Services
  • Background Checks and Criminal Record Searches
  • Insurance Investigations
  • Self-Insured Business Investigations
  • Computer Forensics
  • Investigations for In-House Defense Counsels
  • Investigations for Criminal Defense Firms
  • Investigations for the Corporate Community
  • Investigations for the Legal Community


If you’re looking for discreet and efficient investigations, Lehigh Law is the right choice. Lehigh Law Enforcement is a licensed and fully insured professional surveillance and private investigation specialist; our investigators are skilled at recording and acquiring video and information in any environment. Our multicultural and gender diverse team ensures the right type of investigator for your case’s needs. Our electronics experts will assist you by obtaining and concealing hidden high-tech video cameras and equipment in order to protect your home, family, or business. Depending on the depth and complexity of the information you require, our researchers can find any legal information that you need in a matter of hours or days. Lehigh Law has the best policies and procedures in the industry to ensure high-quality discrete work in every case.

Lehigh Law Enforcement is capable of handling all of your research and surveillance needs whether for business or your own personal inquests. Our years of discreet and professional service offers valuable experience focused on achieving your objectives and resolving your most demanding assignments. Using state-of-the-art technology, combined with professional training and years of experience, we can help provide you with the answers that you require to navigate the troubled waters of the 21st century.

When you need a private investigator, trust the experienced and discrete team at Lehigh Law Enforcement.


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