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Lehigh Law Enforcement offers a nightly patrol service to conduct random security patrols at any commercial or residential venue through customizable security programs that work best for your property’s needs. Our officer’s will provide a variety of patrol services throughout the northeastern Pennsylvania area including: parking enforcement, security checks on common areas, respond to resident complaints and alarm signals while discouraging unauthorized and criminal activity. All officers will be trained for site-specific duties that may include gate access, traffic control, parking enforcement and tenant or vendor response.

Our patrol services utilize vehicles to secure your property. They are highly visible vehicles that are staffed by men and women who are experts at their jobs. This service is ideal for the safeguarding of commercial properties after business hours or on private property closed to the public and where a fulltime security presence is either not wanted or cost effective. Specific duties of our mobile security officers include observing and securing gates, doors, and windows, as well as ensuring the grounds are secured from trespassers or unauthorized individuals.

In addition to patrol service and static security guards, Lehigh Law also offers temporary surveillance against potential hazards such as fires which can cause increased risk to persons and property. Our fire watch helps to identify and control fire hazards, detecting early signs of unwanted fire, initiating alarms or evacuation procedures, and notifying the fire department.

In addition to fire watch, Lehigh Law will provide uniformed officers to ensure that vehicle and pedestrian traffic is clearly and smoothly rerouted when parking areas are being renovated. Officers will also secure facilities during remodeling, repainting or fumigation.

The presence of Lehigh Law Enforcement on your property will promote a safe community and workplace through professional emergency response and security practices.

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