Executive, VIP and Dignitary Protection

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Every day, the possibility of international and domestic terrorism looms over our travels as well as the threat of injury or kidnapping by criminals or hostile groups. For many high profile individuals, security against these threats is imperative. Lehigh Law Enforcement specializes in providing experienced and elite security services for executives, visiting dignitaries, celebrities, at-risk and high profile individuals, and the very affluent from the threats of assassination, kidnapping, bodily injury, and intimidation. We offer personal protection as well as protective service detail whether it’s at the airport, throughout your travels, or at an event. For VIPs and celebrities seeking privacy and protection away from the public, our services can ensure your travels and everyday activities are conducted covertly and with professional discretion. Lehigh Law can provide our clients with a security plan that includes secure transportation, highly experienced service agents, specially trained drivers, surveillance, and other protection services. We can complete a detailed assessment of locations and threats. We understand our clients need to be able to conduct business or enjoy themselves in a safe and secure environment without having to worry about their personal safety or the safety of their families. Lehigh Law’s team of highly trained and experienced agents can protect anyone no matter the time or the location. Your safety and security is our business, and we aim to serve.

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