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Lehigh Law Enforcement has been providing professional and reliable security, event staff, and personal protection services for events of any size and location throughout Northeastern Pennsylvania for more than 20 years. Highly publicized events draw a great deal of attention and require the best security possible to insure your patrons have a safe and enjoyable experience. With safety and protection as one or your top priorities, Lehigh Law’s effective event security and safety solutions will help you mitigate the risks of event coordination, and ensure your event is successful and without incident. Lehigh Law can plan and provide you on the best safety and security services you would desire.

Our team has extensive experience in event management and safety and security strategies and solutions. Whether it is behind the scenes or on the front line, our service options ensure that you can concentrate on having a successful event and leave the safety and security of your patrons to us.

We provide full service security options: armed and unarmed security guards, bouncers, doormen, and public safety officers for a multitude of special events and venues from major sporting events, to festivals and fairs, weddings, private parties, and fundraisers. If you’re in need of crowd control, personal protection, overnight watch, VIP protection, or protection for gates, barricades and doors, Lehigh Law Enforcement’s expert event management and smart technologies are critical components to your success.
The experience and expertise of Lehigh Law Enforcement Officer Association will ensure the most professional and reliable security for your special event. No matter the size or scope of your event, Lehigh Law can develop effective programs that are specifically targeted to your individual needs.

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